Dancer Profiles

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Crystal Precious

  • Known since 2003 as “The Queen of Sass”
  • Also known in some circles as an emcee & vocalist
  • Usually recognizable by bright neon or primary coloured lingerie
  • Raised by drag queens and a professional clown in Winnipeg
  • First baby foods were whipped cream and champagne (it’s true, ask the clown)
  • Can’t sew ANYTHING but is a hot glue gun sharp shooter
  • Has some of the most famous cleavage in North America

Miss Cherry On Top

  • Known since 2003 as “Everyone’s favorite topping”
  • Able to do roundhouse kicks in high heels
  • Has the biggest line-up of cabana boys in Canada (aiming for world domination)
  • Sweet as a cherry, but when she’s behind the wheel she’s just plain scary
  • Is the inventor of the Sweet Soul signature Sequined Baseball Bat
  • Sweet Soul’s resident choreographer and DJ in fishnet stockings
  • Mysteriously has permanent tan lines

Cara Milk

  • Known since birth as “that girl with the ass”
  • Will not rest until women around the world are dressed to kill in Sweet Soul Designs
  • Somehow constructed an entire 70s sq ft. parachute skirt the night before a show
  • Can whip off a bustier one-handed while spinning multiple hoola hoops
  • Can put on stockings, garters and false lashes while driving
  • Has the ability to convince EVERYONE, even your Uncle Joe from Regina, that they really want to put on a sparkly dress from her tickle trunk

Little Miss Risk

  • Has performed on hundreds of stages in 12 different countries
  • Occasionally forgets that Jagermeister is NOT water
  • Often has random weapons and taxidermy lying around her home or vehicle
  • Has the 4th smallest cinched waist in the world (16 inches)
  • Her sweet smile may reveal vampire teeth
  • Unafraid to put her size five stiletto through a redneck’s muscle car window
  • Will key your classic car and steal your rockabilly girlfriend
  • Also performs and manages the Voodoo Dollz for the Big John Bates band

Rita Star

  • Sweet Soul Burlesque’s resident “classy babe” since 2004
  • Fell out of a 1940’s movie and can’t figure out why men stopped wearing fedoras all the time
  • Full authority on 5-Star everything and not one star less
  • Often makes her hot boyfriend strip off his clothes onstage alongside her
  • Expert concealer of French lingerie under pinstriped business suits

Lola Frost

  • Literally remembers her past life as a 1920's Jazz baby on the Berlin stage
  • Has the super human power to cut any cue and blag her way into an event
  • Can drink your boyfriend, girlfriend, uncle, and dog under the table and walk away to tell the story
  • Former aliases include KiK GRRRL, DJ Barely Legal, and Lola-Rock-and-Rolla
  • To answer the question she gets asked AT LEAST once a week, no no no, her hair is absolutely NOT a wig!