Cara Milk

Cara Milk is the original loving force behind the Sweet Soul name and empire.

In person, she’ll dress you up and give you a genuine hug with a broad smile and a charming wink. Onstage her long porcelain legs and legendary booty will make you heart melt as she effortlessly whips off her bustier one-handed while spinning her signature hula hoops.

Cara’s dedication and fun-loving passion have taken her designs from costume party props to a high-fashion stiletto-clicking corporation. Sweet Soul Clothing is the world’s leading “bosom cupcake” (pastie) manufacturer and Sweet Soul’s boutique and essentials lines are carried in more that 250 retailers worldwide. As a designer, Cara has been featured in BUST, Nylon, Fashion, Flare & Icon magazines, while her performances and personality have sparkled across the screens of MTV Canada, CTV, Fashion Television & CBC.  She is also well known for bringing her girly-vintage flavour to photo and film shoots for both the small & silver screens.